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Got Questions? 

It can be difficult to open up and share personal information about such pertinent and heavy topics. However, I am here to be your spiritual guide through every step of the way. My clients often come to me with questions about how they are feeling, or with concerns about an upcoming reading. Please take a look at my most frequently asked questions below. If you do not see what you are looking for, please get in touch and I would be more than happy to help.

What is distant Reiki and does it work?

Distant Reiki sessions are performed without the physical presence of the customer.  By the use of Reiki symbols, the practitioner and the customer are linked in a sacred healing space and healing energy is directed to the customer. Distant Reiki can be sent anytime, anywhere by projecting energy, thoughts and symbols to the recipient.  To receive distant Reiki, the customer should be relaxed and lying down; this is not the time to be running a marathon or doing yard/house work.  
I will honestly say that I was skeptical of distant Reiki when I first started sending it to friends or family in need.  However, too often I was told their pain diminished or their symptoms disappeared much around the time I sent Reiki healing.
Distant Reiki is absolutely effective and just may become your favorite healing method.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

Once you purchase a reading, I will email you immediately and get the questions you would like answered, depending on which Tarot Reading you purchased.  I will then get to work on your reading by clearing my space and connecting with your energy, your spirit guides and my spirit guides in order to gain answers into your situation.  Within 48 hours from your purchase, you will receive your reading in an email, typed in an understandable, easy to follow PDF document.

I will be happy to go over your reading with you either via phone call or virtual appointment should you need more clarification once you have reviewed.  This review is included in the price of all my readings.

How long does each reading session take?

I do not put a "time" limit on my readings per say.  I take as much time as needed to get the most information possible to help you gain insight into your situation. That being said, your reading will be sent to you within 48-hours from your purchase date.  All readings include a phone call or virtual appointment, should you choose to discuss the results at length. If you want the follow-up discussion, allow 20-35 minutes for this time. Information to book your follow-up discussion will be included in your reading.

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