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Tarot Misconceptions & Myths

There have been misconceptions about Tarot and its use for as long as it has existed. The majority of these superstitions stem from fear of the unknown about tarot - from religious leaders labeling them heretics, to horror films and scary stories portraying them as wicked tools that will lead a person to their fate of a tragic death. Tarot reading is neither a diabolical or witchcraft practice. These

misconceptions and myths can sometimes keep a reader from plunging far into this realm of divination.

Well, allow me to enlighten you and show you that tarot isn't something to be feared. It's time to stop believing in these myths and misconceptions and I can explain why.

Tarot Myths

To use the Tarot is to work with evil powers - this is nonsense and couldn't be farther from the truth. Tarot cards have no evil powers. These cards assist us in connecting with our soul, divine spirit, and, ultimately, divination. This is profoundly spiritual as well as life-changing. A skilled Tarot reader can utilize these cards to assist anyone in gaining insight and finding solutions in difficult situations.

Tarot cards are Black Magic - Tarot cards are powerful, but they don't have the ability to conjure a spirit to grant your requests or alter your fate. Tarot cannot be used to cast spells, but they can give you the 'power' to make a better choice in your situation and guide you to the path of a happy, fulfilling life.

The Death cards shows your death - WRONG! The Death card looks scary and ominous, but has no significance of your literal fate. This card represents a significant phase of your life is ending and a new phase is about to begin. It may be an end of a project, plan, or relationship. The Death card, in my experience, often indicates a period of spiritual growth and transformation, moving from and closing one chapter of your life that no longer suits you, to another chapter that aligns with your greater good.

Tarot use is only for witches and psychics - No, you don't need any unique abilities or skills to begin reading tarot cards. You don't need to come from a magical family or have spent your childhood chatting to spirits in the woods. Everyone has the ability to listen to their intuition and read others in their own unique way, and that the more you exercise this muscle, the stronger it becomes. If you start reading tarot, you may find that you become more accessible to your intuition and psychic talents.

Your first Tarot deck must be gifted to you - During my early years of tarot, I believed this first deck was given to me, and I struggled to use it. I had a hard time connecting with the cards and was discouraged from using tarot until I purchased my own deck. You CAN buy your own tarot cards. In fact, I encourage that you do. You will want a deck that appeals to you, that has imagery and a color palette that you are drawn to.

Tarot predicts the future - I personally believe that our actions can influence the trajectory of the future, therefore tarot cannot tell us what will happen. BUT, we can see the bigger picture in a tarot reading and get the feel of what might happen further down the line of a certain thought, action, or scenario. I've read for others about things that proved out to be true, but I don't believe it's helpful for us to try to foretell future results. The cards assist you in finding solutions to your problems. They allow you to assess your current situation and, if necessary, make changes. They can't make decisions for you, but you may utilize them to help you create new options that seem right to you.


Tarot cards aren't a frightening, secretive tool reserved for individuals with black magic abilities. Tarot cards help you connect with your higher self, gain insight, and steer you toward the destiny you desire.

You might be ready for a tarot reading now that we've dispelled some popular myths. Tune in next week and learn how to ask questions that will help you get the most out of your reading.

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