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Tarot Readings and What You Should Know

Have you ever wondered how Tarot readings work and all the in's and out's of a reading? This article sheds some light on this mysterious topic and will provide you with a better understanding of Tarot.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a pack of 78 playing cards, each card having it's own imagery, symbolism and meaning. Each deck contains 22 Major Arcana cards which represent major karmic life events, and 56 Minor Arcana cards that represent smaller lessons, different moments, people of different characteristics, and happenings in life. The Minor Arcana cards are divided by four suits - Cups, Pentacles, Wands, and Swords - each suit representing different aspects of your life.

The use of Tarot dates back to the 14th century, used as a means of game playing and entertainment. In the 18th century, Tarot cards began to be used for divination purposes. Since the 20th century Tarot has widely grown in popularity and is used as a tool for spiritual guidance.

How does Tarot work?

When used for divination, Tarot cards can be read like a story; guiding you through your life's events and allowing you to reflect on them in ways you may have not considered previously.

Understanding the meanings of the cards and using your intuition to determine what you believe is the meaning of each card are both important aspects of tarot reading. Depending on the tarot reading, a single card can have several interpretations and it's up to the tarot reader to figure out the meaning. The question, the reader, the person getting the reading, and the positioning of other cards in the spread all play a role in determining a card's importance.

While getting ready to do a tarot reading, you should have a question in mind. This might be anything about your life that you're curious about or something about which you'd like advice. Once you've decided on a question, shuffle the cards anyway you choose focusing on your question. Cut the deck into 3 piles and combine again into 1 pile, then start getting your cards.

There are a couple methods to get your cards after shuffling - spread the cards out and pull those you are drawn to or have a card "spread" in mind and lay the cards accordingly from the top of the deck.

Once the cards are pulled or laid out in the chosen spread, each one is reviewed and interpreted into it's believed meaning as it pertains to the placement in the spread. The handbook that comes with the tarot deck can also be used to double-check what you think the card's meaning is. Both interpretations are correct. The meanings of each card can then be combined into a story format to provide potential answers to the inquiry.

Tarot card readings can be as simple or as complex as you like

Tarot reading is an intuitive process. The information received is influenced by the way you design your technique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reading tarot cards. Thousands of tarot card readers exist around the world, each with their own technique of conducting a reading. Just as there are thousands of readers, there are thousands of tarot card spreads.

A tarot card spread is the pattern in which the cards are laid, each card in the spread has a particular significance. There are many different sorts of spreads, ranging from one-card spreads to spreads including the entire deck. Some spreads are more focused on one aspect of life; a spread might focus more on emotional issue, or perhaps a relationship or career issue. Another might provide more information on your on life in general, other people's influences, challenges you are facing, advice on dealing with the challenges. The reader and the type of question or reading determine which spread is chosen.

Is there any validity to Tarot readings?

How can a deck of cards selected at random have any bearing on someone's life and what's going on in it? According to most expert tarot readers, tarot provides enlightenment about your options. The cards are not fortune telling; they do not tell you what you should do or what will happen in your future; rather, they show you the possibilities based on the path you choose.

Tarot provides confirmation and direction for what we already sense and reveal what we should concentrate on in order to improve ourselves and our circumstances.

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