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Why Tarot?

Well, why not? It's just as simple as tarot is useful and enlightening. Tarot cards provide insight into what is going on in your personal life- career, goals, relationships, finances, and general life path.

For many years, I simply used tarot for myself. When I needed help deciding which course to choose, I would pull a card. There were times I pulled a card to see what I should be open to or concentrate on for the day. Eventually I progressed to pulling 3-11 cards to gain even more understanding of my situation. I discovered that the tarot could alleviate my distress when well-intentioned words and advice failed to do so. Tarot also assisted me in staying on track, staying focused, and completing the task at hand.

I've felt so empowered and validated by tarot over the years that I began drawing cards for friends and family members who needed help. After all, why should I be the only one who benefits from this? It was sometimes a sort of evening amusement, and other times it was a critical need for wise advice. The tarot cards were always accurate, regardless of why they were used. The cards are accurate in a variety of card spreads, from a "Past-Present-Future" card spread to an 11-card spread used for a "General Life" reading.

Tarot, is in fact, a reflection. It reflects back your true self. It identifies your strengths and limitations. It makes you examine prior decisions, your positive and negative attitudes, and how these factors have influenced your current life. In each reading, the correct archetypes

needed to help you grasp what you must do to move forward are chosen. It's strange how tarot works like that, and I have no valid explanation as to why. It says exactly what you need to know (not want you want to hear) to move forward.

My Tarot Methodology

People approach the cards in different ways, so I thought it would be helpful for you to understand my method. I mostly give email tarot card readings; this method is a bit more challenging because there is no back-and-forth interaction to provide more information to the reader.

Email tarot readings are convenient for the costumer because there are no appointments required (plus no long waiting period for your reading) and you may check your messages whenever you want. You receive a comprehensive written record, complete with photographs of the cards, to retain and refer to as needed. There's no need to try to recall everything your tarot reader said, take copious notes, or record a session (only to realize the recording stopped, I've been there). Everything you need will be emailed to you in an easy-to-understand format.

Email tarot readings, in my opinion, provide more detailed information. The following are important considerations for an excellent and accurate reading.

- The QUESTION posed is crucial. Gaining the most out of your reading comes down to asking the most empowered question. Rather than asking a broad, generic question, be focused and express what you really want to know. For example, What changes can I make in my career, or relationship, or business right now? in lieu of what changes can I make right now? As the reader, knowing what aspect of life you want guidance, helps in providing an accurate reading.

- Provide your full birth name. Your birth name is how I channel and connect with your energy and get you YOUR reading, which may not be the case for other tarot readers. Of course, some people may be uncomfortable with this, so I ask for a photo of only the querent in lieu of providing their birth name. Some people may be hesitant to provide any information to the reader because they feel it will be used to research and swindle the person. I laugh when this is suggested (not that it's a laughing matter) as I can assure you the information provided in a tarot reading is not going to be found on Google, Facebook or Instagram. I've performed plenty of tarot readings where the inquirer was astounded that the cards revealed this or that because it was never revealed by them to anyone.

-Be open. If you think you 'know' the answer, but the cards don't indicate it, you might be disappointed. The adage hold true; truth hurts. The cards' true power lies in their ability to assist us in seeing things more clearly. They have the ability to pierce through our confusion, blindness, delusions, and illusions to tell us what is, was, and will be. In my personal experience, the cards have shown me other possibilities or perspectives that I had never considered, yet they have led to a happier situation or status.

-Have no fear. Although the tarot deck has a Death card and a Devil card, neither conveys the negative symbolism. For instance, the death card foreshadows a major change in life, while the devil card indicates aspects of who we are, only on a more negative level - overly materialistic, engaging in undesirable behaviors, wallowing in negative emotions. Furthermore, the cards are not fortune telling; we all have the ability to alter our course of action, to create our own reality. Tarot is a decision-making diagnostic tool, providing a different perspective than you had in mind and giving you a clear direction on moving forward. There is nothing to fear.

-Give it 6 months. If something in your reading doesn't resonate with you, I encourage my clients to give it 3-6 months and see what happens. This does not occur often, but I may give an interpretation of the cards that you do not understand. I'll try to be as clear as possible, but I've been in situations where even clarification isn't enough. Until 'it' happens, and all the parts fall into place. My clients have contacted me to report that what didn't make sense at the time of their reading had come true.

-Readings are only for YOU. I don't do third-party readings, which is a reading for someone else without their consent or knowledge. It's unethical and wrong, in my opinion. Reading tarot cards without the subjects knowledge or permission could lead to wildly erroneous interpretation.

How do you go about getting an email reading with Angel Talk?

Visit our Services page and select a reading of your choice.

Make sure your question posed is clear. Following the submission of your order, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order and clarifying your question. In 48 hours from your purchase, you will receive your reading through the email address you provided at the time of checkout. To avoid packages ending up in your spam bin, I recommend adding to your contact list.

I also encourage all to visit my Home page and sign up to receive exclusive promotional offers and discounts.

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